A Goodbye

A Goodbye

Shortly after we opened Shakespeare’s Sister, a brother and sister opened a restaurant, Kalio, a few doors down from us. I never really got to know GA, who stayed in the kitchen and who always seemed a little shy. His sister Jackie, however, would stop in once a week or so, to buy candles and candleholders for the restaurant, or just to say hello.

A couple of years ago, she left the restaurant to take a job as a banquet manager at Windows on the World atop the World Trade Center. I didn’t see much of her after that, just a nod or two a month.

This morning, I attended a memorial service for her, for Jackie Sayegh Duggan.

The church overflowed. Though I knew few there, I did see other neighborhood businesspeople, as well as Kalio regulars and employees. We mourned Jackie together and, by extension, the more than six-thousand who died with her.

Though Catholic, Jackie’s family has Arabic roots. The Sayegh’s are part of the dynamic melding keeping America vibrant.

They are part of something no terrorist can destroy.

We miss you, Jackie. May the legacy of your death be not more death, not vengeance but justice, and a move toward peace, acceptance, and understanding. May the future be a credit to your life and dreams, and to those of your family.