Objects and Objectivity

“Split the difference”: that’s what passes, more and more, for objectivity. One person takes one position, another an opposing on. The truth, the crier for ‘objectivity’ pleads, must be somewhere in the middle.

Must it?

If you answer ‘yes,’ then you will be forced to accept that ‘objective’ views change, that they are simply vectors between beliefs. And that ‘objectivity’ can be manipulated by the unscrupulous and that ‘truth’ has nothing to do with argument.

If you answer ‘no,’ then you can move to recognition that ‘truth’ is not a function of argument, but of exploration–and that it can appear from any number of places.

The object of this blog will be exploration, seeking for truth and understanding, not objectivity. After all, we can be both subjective and right (though not in any absolute sense)–and can continue to be right as long as we keep our eyes open to the roots of our subjectivity.

I don’t know how often I will manage to post to this blog, but I will try. Before 9/11, I had a blog that I kept, off and on. After that, I just hadn’t the heart. Now, I want to try to get back in the conversation.