"Gannon" on Counterbias

A number of things Guckert said in relation to Counterbias’s softball questions make comment almost too easy:

What would liberal bloggers do next that they could have any influence on? Character assassination and conspiracy theories seem to their niche.

One point about this is that it is a bit of a character assassination itself–characterizing the blogs without reading them.  Anyone who does read dKos or AMERICAblog, for examples, knows that the agendas are broad and vigorously followed.  Guckert’s statement is clearly aimed at the deliberately uninformed.  Also, he statement about charater assassination and conspiracy actually reflects the blogs on the right more accurately–as anyone who really reads blogs knows.  Finally, Guckert’s character has never been assassinated.  He actually did and said the things that have been brought to light!  If anything, he assassinated himself by his own actions.  As to conspiracies, well, the jury is still out, in his case.

Helen [Thomas] and I have always treated each other cordially. While I am sure we disagree on many issues, I would never want to interfere with her ability to be a journalist and I’m sure she feels the same towards me.

Amazingly, Guckert still believes he was taken seriously as a journalist!  What nerve this guy has!

But, then again, he would have to have nerve to even contemplate going from male escort to White House “journalist.”

As far as my reporting, I am proud of my work over the past two years.

Yikes!  Proud of plagiarized articles?  Proud of presenting quotes lifted from websites as though he got them himself?  I won’t bother to go on with this one!

I will continue to be Jeff Gannon.

Given that he is not Jeff Gannon, but James Guckert, this is a rather astonishing statement.  He was not a real journalist, he just played one on TV!  Now, somehow, he believes in that role.  Just astonishing.

Hey!  But what else could we expect?

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