Commission For Africa Report

From the Introduction to the report:

Our starting point was the recognition that Africa must drive its own development.  Rich nations should support that…

Right… and if Africa is ever going to stand on its own feet, the rest of the world needs to stop telling Africans what to do.
There are plenty of competent Africans, people who can make appropriate decisions and support real development on that continent.  Sure, there are huge problems with corruption and government–but even these came about because of initial actions by outsiders–not by Africans.  The corrupt Africans certainly took advantage, but they are not the ones who made it so easy through their own arrogance and blind self-confidence.  We are.

[If anyone is interested, I co-wrote an article on the problems of African development (on a small, village scale) that appeared a couple of years ago in Parallax Online, a journal dedicated to globalization issues.]

Sure, we need to support Africa and Africans–financially, especially–but we should always remember to let them take the lead.  We (and by that I really mean the United States) have to stop telling other people what is good for them!

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