If the Fascist Shoe Fits…

The word “fascism,” as many of you know, comes from the “fasci di combattinmento” of Mussolini conceived at the end of WWI. It means “bands of combattants.” Most simply, it is the “true believers,” those able to put aside differences permanently in an aggressive push for the common goal.

A great deal has been written and proposed as a basic philosophy for fascism, but it has been extremely hard to pin down. One thing has been at its core, both in Italy and Germany: a militant nationalism.
Bush may not be Mussolini or Hitler, but his rise to power does have similarities to their own. All three used a cadre of dedicated backers coupled with financial backing from high levels of corporations and industry.  All three first came to power through means of dubious legality. And all three started out with claims (soon proved false) of being unifiers, not dividers.

Those on the right who claim outrage at comparisons between behaviors of the current government with those of Hitler’s Germany need to be a little more circumspect. The parallels only run so far (I pray), by they are certainly evident.