The Blade Runner Experience

A new anthology, The Blade Runner Experience: The Legacy of a Science Fiction Classic edited by Will Brooker, has been published by Wallflower Press (distributed in the US by Columbia University Press).

Anyone who loves the movie as much as I do, or the fiction of Philip K. Dick, or the “sequel” novels by Kevin Jeter, or the video games based on the movie, might want to take a look. Anyone interested in popular culture in general may also want to dip into this book, for the movie is a starting point for a wide range of discussions.

Of course, I am biased: my own article, “Reel Toads and Imaginary Cities: Philip K. Dick, Blade Runner and the Contemporary Science Fiction Movie” is a part of the book.

Blade Runner has become much more than just a movie (just as Philip K. Dick has become much more than simply a science-fiction writer in the years since his death) in the two decades (and more) since its release. The very title has become a descriptor of a certain urban look, one that has come into being since the movie was released. The movie, also, has been the most influential of any on science-fiction film since (Star Wars notwithstanding).

In other words, this book is much more than simply a discussion of a movie with a look back at the writer whose work inspired the movie. It’s also a discussion of how the images in movies mediate our “real world” experiences of the sites used in the movies, just to take one example.

Grab a copy!