The Blade Runner Experience

A new anthology, The Blade Runner Experience: The Legacy of a Science Fiction Classic edited by Will Brooker, has been published by Wallflower Press (distributed in the US by Columbia University Press).

Anyone who loves the movie as much as I do, or the fiction of Philip K. Dick, or the “sequel” novels by Kevin Jeter, or the video games based on the movie, might want to take a look. Anyone interested in popular culture in general may also want to dip into this book, for the movie is a starting point for a wide range of discussions.

Of course, I am biased: my own article, “Reel Toads and Imaginary Cities: Philip K. Dick, Blade Runner and the Contemporary Science Fiction Movie” is a part of the book.

Blade Runner has become much more than just a movie (just as Philip K. Dick has become much more than simply a science-fiction writer in the years since his death) in the two decades (and more) since its release. The very title has become a descriptor of a certain urban look, one that has come into being since the movie was released. The movie, also, has been the most influential of any on science-fiction film since (Star Wars notwithstanding).

In other words, this book is much more than simply a discussion of a movie with a look back at the writer whose work inspired the movie. It’s also a discussion of how the images in movies mediate our “real world” experiences of the sites used in the movies, just to take one example.

Grab a copy!

2 thoughts on “The Blade Runner Experience

  1. My copy came directly from the publisher. One that I ordered from in November still says it will ship between January 10th and 12th–but this is February 1st.Columbia University Press is distributing it in the US, and it seems to be available there.I hope copies start appearing in people’s hands soon. It’s a neat book.


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