Wingnut Smears Sheehan (So What Else Is New?)

David Horowitz, on his blog, has an entry “Cindy Sheehan and the Communist Party.”  In it, he claims that “Sheehan is now writing articles for the Communist Party.”

Either Horowitz is extremely stupid (which I do not believe) or he has given up all regard for truth in his “war” on those of us who believe in truth, justice, and the American way–that is, progressives.

Horowitz links to a website called “ Marxist Thought Online” as “proof” to his claim.  A quick search showed the same piece (a blog post) at Common Dreams, After Downing Street, and at the Democratic Party’s website.  I didn’t even bother to track down the origin of the post.  I’d seen enough to know that Horowitz, as usual, is spouting nonsense for no other reason than to poison the reputation of a woman with stronger moral fiber than–well, than Horowitz can even comprehend.

Of course, anything anyone writes on the web can end up anywhere.  That it does is not a sign that the author is “writing articles” for any site where her work appears.  Horowitz knows that, but he just doesn’t care.

What he does care about is his tired–and discredited–attempt to link American leftists to Stalinists and (through them somehow) to Islamic jihadists.  He writes:

Their confusion facilitates the alliances they have formed with the Nazi parties in Gaza and the West bank and with Islamo-fascists generally.

Horowitz’s paranoid vision of “networking” by the left has gone to his head.

Not only does Horowitz continue to be an unabashed liar (as this post of his shows), but he has no clue what the left believes or who it allies with.

But then again, he never cared about truth, did he–not even when he was a Stalinist himself.  All he cares about is winning.

Now that he is losing, in his agitation he has fallen into the deep end (if I may mix metaphors)–and is discovering that he can’t even swim.

Admit you need help, David, and we’ll throw you a life-line.

Oh, we’ll throw you one anyway.

After all, we do believe in something more than winning.

Part of what we believe is called compassion.

But you wouldn’t know anything about that, would you?

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