Announcing the Parody Poetry Fest!

Call for Submissions

On August 16, 2006, One Flew East will host the Carnival of the Liberals edition (#19), “Parody Poetry.”

The only prize is a link to the parody on your blog or diary, but please join in and submit a parody via this link or email

The parodies can be of poetry or song—and can be of any length or style. What is desired doesn’t even have to be parody of a particular song or poem. One of my own poems, for example, that is not strictly parody is a formulation of the words of Scott McClellan at a press conference. People have done the same with the words of Donald Rumsfeld—and I’m waiting for someone to do something similar with the words of George Bush. In other words, the guidelines are loose. The main thing is to make people smile while making a political point in poetic (or song) form.

The deadline for submissions is 8 PM Monday (EST), August 14.

Oh… and don’t forget to visit next Wednesday to read the results.

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