Responding to the Right

Wednesday, I wrote a diary that I also posted on dKos titled “They’ve Pushed Us Too Far.”  In it, I mentioned an exchange with a wingnut who said that condemning torture and wanting to be nice to terrorists are one and the same thing.

That person, or a buddy, tried to post a comment in response.

The comment, which I refused (as I had refused others from this group), reads

Love the way you censor post….

Wow I wonder if we did it to you, how hard you would complain.

This is ironic, a Liberal Collage professor censoring other people. I bet you teach a class on free speech.

Taking my own advice to no longer let the right paint liberals into corners by framing the “debate” their way, I responded with an email:

First, you don’t seem to know what either censorship or free speech are.  They have to do with government, not with me or my blog.

Second, I have no responsibility for providing a forum for people who know nothing.  You can get your own blog.

Third, I don’t hide behind a pseudonym.  Unlike conservatives, I’m no chicken.

Immediately on sending it, I saw that I had managled the language a bit, so took the opportunity for a follow-up:

Of course, I was laughing too hard at you to even check my own language.  I should have written, of course, that “you don’t seem to know what either censorship or free speech is,” but I was wiping the tears from laughter from my eyes and didn’t pay attention.  If the grammar police write me a ticket, I’ll pay the fine.

It would be worth it.  The idea that I would be upset if I couldn’t post comments on your site!  And the inanity of anyone actually equating not being allowed to post a comment with censorship or free speech!  What a hoot!

They aren’t willing to “play fair,” so there’s no reason why we should.

Until the conservatives show themselves willing to engage in honest debate in discussion, I see no reason why we should respond to them with anything but derision.

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