"We Simply Cannot Afford to Fail"

So says Robert Gates, speaking on Iraq his first day as Secretary of Defense. Thing is, failure is no longer an option, a possibility, or any other part of the future.
Failure has happened. The question now is what to do about it.
It’s a failure that cannot be blamed on the lack of will of the American people, on unsupportive Democrats, or even on that horrible liberal media.
It’s a failure of the people in power, of imagination, of strategy, of ethics, of morality, of more…
We could write a poem about it, dedicated to the Bush administration:

How did you fail us? Let me count the ways.You failed us to the depth and breadth and heightNo mind can reach, when feeling out of sightOf the start of your failure in that place.You failed us to the level of everyday’sMost urgent need, by all considered Right.You failed us freely, by any view or light;You failed us purely; your friends don’t even Praise.You failed us with the passion put to useOn your old griefs, and with your childish faith.You failed us with arrogance doomed to loseWith my lost faith,–You failed us with the breath,Smiles, tears, of all our lives!–and, if God choose,I shall hate your failure even after death.

The horror for us now is that no solution to the situation can come about until the US admits that it has failed, stops talking about “success” (it ain’t agonna come) and starts honestly trying to find a solution. Not a victory, but a solution.
No, those of us who want us out aren’t “surrender monkeys” or people cheering for the defeat of the US. The defeat has already happened.
Question is, can we stop fooling ourselves long enough to stop the killing before it gets worse?
The answer is, not until we recognize that failure is not an option only because the failure has already happened.
When did it happen? Oh, come on: it began the moment the decision was made to invade Iraq. The project was doomed from its very conception.
Neo-cons, Bushites: you failed! Don’t compound your failure by refusing to recognize it!

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