When You Are Wrong, Attack!

Debbie Schlussel, who describes herself as a “Conservative political commentator, radio talk show host, columnist, and attorney,” got caught out by Media Matters posting remarks about the Virginia Tech killer in which she speculated that the shooter could be a “Paki” and an Islamic terrorist. (Daisy Cutter also caught Schlussel out on The Daily Kos).

It was a dumb thing to write, and Schlussel did recognize that and took down the post. However, rather than taking responsibility for her own words, she replaced it with this:

I’ve removed this entry, mostly because I am spending too much time monitoring the slimy comments from the Nazi-infested Media Matters for America cretins.

Yesterday, she stepped up the attack with a new post entitled, “Mein Fuhrer, Media Matters: Thanks, Keith Olbermann and Nazi George Soros.” She writes:

And a-day-and-a-half after I speculated who the VTU massacre perpetrator might be–a full day after I corrected the info with updated links and new reports that it was a South Korean student, Media Matters was on my case about that, too. And, in fact, they claimed I reported that the shooter was a Chinese national on a student visa. Uh, no, I didn’t report that–I linked to a Chicago Sun-Times report which reported that. Did Media Matters mention that or condemn the Sun-Times or any of the many mainstream media outlets that picked up on that report? Of course, not. It wouldn’t fit into their agenda of sliming conservatives.

Nowhere does she mention the heart of the matter, that she speculated that the killer was probably a Pakistani Moslem bent on terrorism—on the basis of a simple suggestion that the killer was “Asian.”

At the end of the post, she reproduces a few emails she received, linking them with Media Matters, under this comment: “Not only are the sponsors of Media Matters Nazi collaborators, but the followers of this “liberal, open-minded” organization are also.” The first of the emails is obvious snark, the second may be, the third one is clearly anti-Semitic, and the fourth one invites Schlussel to visit Pakistan to learn a little more about it.

If these are all the “slimy comments” Schlussel can come up with, she really got very few. One, by my count.

Her response to the invitation to Pakistan is interesting:

Don’t need to go there to know all about it. Daniel Pearl already went to Pakistan for me.

Liviu Librescu, the heroic Holocaust survivor who sacrificed his life this last Monday at Virginia Tech so that others could survive, came to this country and died. Does that mean others can now be assured that coming to America is deadly?

Schlussel’s narrow-minded parochial view of Pakistan speaks volumes about the breadth of her opinions on other topics.

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