Song Parody: Pack Up You Dollars

Many on the right say that they want smaller government, but their politicians have yet to prove that they agree. When they get in, the government grows and spends.

And what does it do with the money it takes in as it grows? It provides it to the rich (or spends it on them). As any good Neo-Con knows, the rich are rich because they know more, and are abler than the rest of us—so it’s only natural that government money goes to them, and not to the rest of us, who might just waste it.

Oh, and at the same time (and for the same reason) the tax burden on the rich is eased, and passed along to the rest of us.

PACK UP YOUR DOLLARS (The Neo-Con Philosophy)

No use crying, talking ‘bout a stranger
taking the money you’ve seen:
Too many bad times, too many sad times;
Nobody cares what you mean.

But now somehow you must pack up your dollars
and give them all to me.
You would lose them, I know how to use them;
Give them all to me.

No use complaining, talking in the shadows,
wailing at just how things are:
No one beside you, no one to hide you,
and nobody cares what you are.


No use gambling, running in the darkness,
Looking for an income that’s free:
Too many wrong times, too many long times,
Nobody cares what you see.

No use moaning, crying ‘bout supply side,
Seeking an equitable kind:
Too many my-ways, too many sly ways,
and the tax man is walking behind.


With abject apologies to Richard Fariña, one of the greatest songwriters of his generation.

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