The “O”s Have It?

We’ve been through the “e” craze (ecommerce, etexts) and the “i” craze (ipod). Now look for the “o” craze—if Obama wins this election.

Looking back at the debates, and we will hear of “oPoise.” The White House Press Corps will be producing “oNews.”

Oh rily? Yabetcha!

Our media are composed of nothing if not slavish followers of fad. And Obama may become a fad like we haven’t seen since the days of the hoolahoop. Even if his victory (it victory it be) is less than overwhelming, the media will need a replacement for “W”—and “O,” though it would be used differently (it doesn’t make a good nickname, for a number of reasons), will be offered playfully in front of almost everything connected with the, er, oval office.

“Oforce One”? He’ll be flying in it. Too bad the Oldsmobile is no longer made, but a fleet of oHybrids could save the ogovernment scads on fuel.

“oPolicy” will be decided by the “oCabinet.” An “oMeeting” with Ahmadinejad would make big news and drive the right crazy. “oLiberals” could distance themselves from the boring liberals of their parents’ day.

The biggest problem may be for Bill O’Reilly. Oh, Bill, whatcha gonna do?