Cult Pop Culture

This set, which includes an essay I did on Joss Whedon, looks like it is going to be fun.  Certainly, it was fun to write my little bit.

It’s all serious scholarship (Bob Batchelor, the editor, insisted upon that), but there’s no reason that scholarship cannot be enjoyable–or even make one laugh.

The set isn’t out yet, but if you have a couple of hundred bucks and care about those little corners of pop culture that seem to constantly seep into the mainstream, check the books out.

Books ain’t cheap these days, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have value.  The first book by one of my office mates is also now out, Domesticity and Design in American Women’s Lives and Literature: Stowe, Alcott, Cather, and Wharton Writing Home (Routledge Studies in Nineteenth Century Literature).  It’s a wonderful book, even if Amazon doesn’t yet have a cover picture for it, and even if Routledge feels it will only sell to a niche of scholars.

Also, my third book in the ‘Blogosphere’ series (this one written with Robert Leston) will be off (quite late, but quite good, I think) to the editor tomorrow. We should have been done months ago, but the project’s target, information in the digital age, keeps moving.  It’s not easy writing about something that won’t hold still!

I just printed out the entire manuscript and will be going through it, adding in final changes from Robert, until sometime tomorrow.  It should be available by the end of the year.

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