Clean-Up and Responsibility

When I was 16, I had a summer job waiting tables in a fancy hotel. One day, the waiter with the greatest seniority dropped a tray in the middle of the dining room. I ran over and started to help clean up. He stepped over to the manager, who can come into the room, alerted by the smashing crockery, and whispered something.

Of course, I was blamed for the accident, though I didn’t discover that until later. And all I had tried to do was help out.

Barack Obama is still being blamed by Republicans for their own mess with the economy in much the same way. Even when this is pointed out, they still blame him–for not cleaning up fast enough.

The same may prove to be true for Sandy. Though it wasn’t the Republicans who caused the storm, they (except for Governor Christie) are already casting around for some way to use it against Obama. Over the next few days (until Tuesday night, at the very least), we’ll certainly see criticism of Obama for shortages of gasoline, for lack of electricity… for anything else that goes wrong as he tries to lead a response to a situation that is beyond the control of any of us or all of us.