Truth and Media


On June 24, 1968 (I know the date thanks to Wikipedia), I walked from the Capitol in Washington, DC to the Southern Christian Leadership Council (SCLC) headquarters at 14th and U with a bunch of SCLC activists. Only three of us on the small march were white and I was just a sixteen-year-old kid.

By the way, I’ve never told the whole of this, I don’t think. The incident was both embarrassing and confusing–and I didn’t know how to present it. I am writing about it now because I am intrigued by the Brian Williams and Bill O’Reilly kerfuffles recently (I have written on the topic here and here), situations which bring up questions of memory, honesty, and journalistic integrity. The question here is, “Does what we have witnessed make us better reporters? Does it improve our understanding?” Also, “Do we learn more from what we actually see…

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