“Why Would They Hire YOU?”


When I returned to campus, after two years teaching elsewhere, for the final interview that would bring me back full-time, I stopped into the adjunct room to see if anyone I knew was around. The only person there was one I knew only slightly. She asked what I was doing back. I told her. She exploded:

“Why would they hire YOU?”

Taken aback, I shrugged and left.

Her question, though, is a good one. And I have been thinking about it ever since reading the complaint in The Chronicle about “whining adjuncts” and Marc Bousquet’s response–and Martin Kich’s post on this blog, not to mention the extensive discussion thread in response on the Writing Program Administrators’ listserv.

Actually, I think about it every time I serve on a hiring committee, paging through hundreds of CVs, any number of them from people more qualified than I was when hired and…

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