The Humbug of Copyright


A couple of days ago, I discovered that ¿Cuánto te Asusta el Caos?: Política, Religión y Filosofía en la obra de Philip K. Dick is available in a new digital edition with a new cover. I’m happy to see it (though no one told me about it), and hope there will also be a new print edition sometime soon. After all, it’s my dissertation translated into Spanish.

The story of how it got translated and published a dozen years ago is recounted in a chapter of mine in Cultures of Copyrightedited by Danielle DeVoss and Martine Rife. I’m excerpting it here, for I am more and more concerned with what has happened over the last few years with Intellectual Property, itself an inappropriate designation for something that should not be considered property at all—at least, not as equivalent to physical property. After all, even the Constitution sees it otherwise…

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