“Victimhood” As an Ableist Conceit


What sort of disability might Arthur Brooks have? I don’t know, and I can’t tell immediately through the medium of the Internet. I suppose I could use that medium to find out more about him, but I want to take him at the value he presents. In today’s The New York Times, he poses as no victim, as one lacking disability or debilitating trauma and I’ll take him at his word. That allows me to contrast him with Daniel Freeman, who forefronts his Cerebral Palsy (but not victimhood) in an article from October but that I saw for the first time today (thanks to Stephen Kuusisto).

Brooks wants everyone to buck up, to accept the challenges they’ve been given and deal with them. No whining; no excuses. Freeman want us all to recognize that barriers are in the eyes of the beholder and that overcoming them benefits everyone…

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