‘Punch with Care’



Every discipline falls into a pattern of standard practice; every few years each must reassess. The same is true for the institutions that house them. This happens, of course, too rarely—in both cases.

Over the weekend, I read two pieces—an essay and a book review—that made me think about the staleness that has overtaken both my field (speaking most broadly) of English and the institutions that house it. The first, by Daniel Allington, Sarah Brouillette and David Golumbia, explores the rise of Digital Humanities as an institutional force, especially within English departments. The second is Matthew Abraham’s review of Benjamin Ginsberg’s The Fall of the Faculty: The Rise of the All Administrative University. Though they may seem distinct at first glance, the topics addressed are closely related.

My own hesitations concerning Digital Humanities have a somewhat different genesis than Allington, et al. Specifically, DH…

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