Why the AAUP Should Censure Mizzou’s Board for Firing Melissa Click

John K. Wilson got this absolutely right!


The AAUP today issued a report on the University of Missouri, condemning the Board’s decision to fire Melissa Click. The full report is well worth reading, and I have previously argued in defense of Click, but I want to make a personal response to the Mizzou Board of Curator’s 10-page letter that it wrote to the AAUP in reply to a draft of the report.

According to the Board, the 1940 AAUP statement provides that “dismissal for cause of a teacher previous to the expiration of a term appointment, should, if possible, be considered by both a faculty committee and the governing board of the institution” (emphasis added by the Board). The Board argued, “a normative practice is not an absolute requirement” and added, The Board supports the normative practice and has no contrary pattern of acting on its own in such matters – indeed, it has not done so…

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