Remembering Elsie Janis


At the end of The Big Show: My Six Months with the American Expeditionary Forces (1919), Elsie Janis wrote:

Now I must call a halt. I love talking, and as I can’t talk to everyone, I like writing. Just a few words in partying to the women: You have been wonderful–and while I love men, I also love the women that make the men the regular, honest-to-goodness, fine fellows they are. Will the ladies kindly take a bow, and let’s agree, the War is dead. Long live the War–or at least the men who helped win it!

It was also Janis herself who was wonderful. The War to End War failed to do so, though–and Janis, as spectacular as she was, is forgotten.

She should not be.

In researching my forthcoming book. Doughboys on the Western Front: Memories of American Soldiers in the Great War, I kept running across…

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