Oh, the Humanities!


When I first heard the term “Digital Humanities” a decade ago, it seemed like something brewed up for use by those who want to poison the humanities—still does. It appeared to be nothing more than something developed by those with a little knowledge of C. P. Snow’s The Two Cultures and the Scientific Revolution, with its “intellectuals as natural luddites,” who took away from it the idea that they could take advantage of what seems, sometimes, the befuddled thought of those in the humanities, making it more “scientific” and, in the meantime, securing their own careers. Snow writes, “If we forget the scientific culture, then the rest of western intellectuals have never tried, wanted, or been able to understand the industrial revolution, much less accept it. Intellectuals, in particular literary intellectuals, are natural Luddites” (23). There have been thousands of careerists in the humanities for whom reading this was…

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