Don’t Mourn, Organize

We of progressive and humanitarian belief have been out-organized and out-maneuvered for half a century, now. The result? A slowly unfolding disaster, a regression from the hope and idealism that were the bedrocks of our country’s founding to a meager and grasping vision of ‘I’ve got mine; to hell with you.” The Enlightenment beliefs that guided the establishment of the United States have been effectively scuttled.

We can raise the ship back up and set it afloat once again, but that is going to take work and a willingness to put aside our personal agendas, something we on the left have been particularly unwilling to do.

I remember back in 2003, a protest in New York City against the looming Iraq war. There were plenty of people there, but each, it appeared, had brought along their own pet cause. There was no cohesion, no real sense of unity of purpose. I knew right then that we were not going to be able to stop that war, that we were an ineffective group involved in a vanity protest.

Thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands died because of that unnecessary and criminal war.

If we want to get the United States back on the track our founding fathers envisioned, we are going to have to start being workers and stop being dilettantes. Each of us is going to have to put something aside for the greater good of all.

Can we do it? I don’t know.

But I am sure as hell going to try.

3 thoughts on “Don’t Mourn, Organize

  1. Aaron, I strongly disagree with your characterization of the 2003 anti Iraq war protests. It was a massive, international coordinated protest with people marching all over the world. Compared to early protests against the war in Vietnam (before escalation under Johnson) it was absolutely focused and supremely well organized. (And not enough to stop the Cheney/Haliburton train.),_2003,_anti-war_protests


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