Breitbarting: Post-Objective, Post-Responsibility and Post-Education


In 2012, I proposed the term ‘breitbarting’ with a narrower definition than, I think, the word deserves today. At that time, I limited it to what Andrew Breitbart and James O’Keefe proved so skilled at doing. They designed strategies of interview, editing and presentation to make a predetermined point (not to explore an issue or a story). Theirs was what I call a “post-objective” journalism that is also “post-responsibility.” The logical end result of this is the recent alt-right tinkering with news stories ‘just for the fun of it’—or anyone voting in an election, come to think of it, only in order to throw a monkey wrench into the works.

The start of breitbarting lies in news media whose end-all had become ratings, ethics pushed aside for the fake objectivity of ‘false equivalency’ that allows stories to be pursued blindly. Or in the loss of faith in electoral systems that have…

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