February 8, 1968: George Wallace for President?

1968: Nothing Is Revealed

George_Wallace_1968_bumper_sticker_10 By George Wallace presidential campaign, 1968 – http://ronwade.freeservers.com/bumperstickersa11a.html, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=61648521

George Wallace, segregationist par excellence, declares himself as an independent candidate for president on this day in 1968.

Probably last Christmas, at the end of 1967, maybe the upcoming Easter, we visited my grandparents in Lenoir, North Carolina, where my mother had grown up and where I have always felt most at home. At a family dinner, politics arose, a touchy subject then just as it is now. At one point, as presidential candidates, declared and not, were discussed, my grandfather slammed the table with his fist, dishes jumping, silverware clattering.

“No one in my family will vote for George Wallace,” he announced to his stunned descendants.

Not that anyone eligible would have. But we were still shocked–by the outburst, not the cause.

My grandfather was as conservative as they come. As a businessman, he had hated FDR…

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