Trumpism = Fascism = Death

Aurel Kolnai’s 1938 book The War Against the West contains elements that leave me cold, most certainly, but also elements that bring on an immense chill far beyond mere cold. Among these are the first ten theses he attributes to Fascism. I offer them here, changed slightly in  nomenclature to illuminate our current political crisis:

  1. The outstanding form of Fascism known as Trumpism constitutes a reality, spiritual and historical, of supreme individuality and importance.
  2. Absolute and conscious antagonism to Western Liberal civilization is the central impulse of that intellectual and political reality.
  3. Trumpism and affiliated doctrines are fundamentally opposed to Liberal democracy, as well as to its Christian foundations and to its Socialistic trends and implications.
  4. The anthropological and sociological concepts of Trumpism form an organic whole with the American claim to political expansion and hegemony.
  5. There exists today in America a great nation, of the highest achievements in the past, which now professes a creed of unbridled and irrational power.
  6. The Trumpist doctrines, though ultimately false and immoral, and liable to degenerate into comic vulgarity, are at their highest endowed with spiritual grandeur and relevancy.
  7. Trumpism is at bottom incomparably more anti-Western than bolshevism.
  8. Trumpism, though by no means identical with America, is nevertheless deeply rooted in American history and expressive of the American mind.
  9. Trumpism essentially embodies and also transcends the socio-political principle of Fascism; America bears within it the seeds of a Pan-Fascist as well as a Pan-American Imperial construction.
  10. Because of its anti-humanitarian drive for expansion on nationalistic and at the same time religious and anthropological grounds, Trumpism constitutes a fountain-head of propaganda and a menace of war.

The entire United States government is now firmly in the grasp of the new fascist force. Our only hope is complete repudiation at the polls in November.

2 thoughts on “Trumpism = Fascism = Death

  1. Couldn’t agree with you more! We are ALL now at risk of losing our democracy in the face of Trumpist Fascism, which has spread to every corner of our fair and pleasant land.


  2. I agree mostly although and maybe due to ignorance of definitions I don’t quite agree that “Trumpism essentially transcends the socio-political principle of Fascism.” Ignore the pun, but I think it is in lockstep with fascism. It may be that I don’t want anything to be stronger than the definition but I do not believe that it “transcends” the evil of fascism however it is marching quickly towards that higher dimension and if it continues will overcome it and become the new higher definition.

    As you have said, the association of Christian foundational roots with liberal democracy is not only opposed to but denied categorically by Trumpism. I understand the point that Trumpism is expressive of the American mind. I am buoyed by the fact that Republicans only represent 27% of the voting population. Notwithstanding that independents and democrats alike voted for him I will not completely associate that with a newborn Trumpism but rather with a fear of change.

    The Republicans have been working as a minority for some time and have proven capable of out and out sabotage of democratic systems to get their way. These systemic problems existed before Trump. It was easy to cross that gap to embrace Trumpism for expediency and does fold into a Trumponian doctrine however, that does not mean it is going to last.

    There are powers at play that will in time defeat Trump’s fascism. When that happens the toxic sludge that is left will be difficult to wash into the sewers of history. I am sure that Republicans have not overestimated the Trump fascist wave and that it is rooted in American historical roots of social behavior. The death of the baby boomers will kneecapped the advance of Trumpism or at least slow it down for the institutions to be reinforced and repaired. Unfortunately the erosion of our educational institutions have left many to simply adopt available and trending beliefs. That is where Trumpism gains permanence .


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