Blogging America: The New Public Sphere

Praeger has sent me the cover art for my next book, due out in December. Right now, I am in the midst of writing it, producing what I hope will be the natural companion to The Rise of the Blogosphere: American Backgrounds, which appeared last month (and can be ordered here).Chapter One will be an … Continue reading Blogging America: The New Public Sphere

The Rise of the Blogosphere

My latest book, The Rise of the Blogosphere: American Backgrounds is now available. A couple of years ago, on re-reading parts of Alexis de Toqueville’s Democracy in America, I was shocked by the similarity between his depiction of the press in America around 1830 and contemporary descriptions of the blogs. A little exploration showed me … Continue reading The Rise of the Blogosphere

Memories of Appalachia

In reaction to the recent renewal of disparaging remarks about Appalachian culture (some nearly calling the “Scots-Irish” the basis for all that’s wrong with this country) by way too many people (including the novelist Jane Smiley), I want to begin to share here my boyhood memories of life in the mountains of North Carolina. Though … Continue reading Memories of Appalachia

"The Art of the Slur"

My article “The Art of the Slur: From Joe McCarthy to David Horowitz” has come out in the Fall 2006 edition of The Public Eye. It is also available online.In a callous attempt to pique interest, I’ve quoted a few passages below:In his latest book, Dangerous Professors: The 101 Most Dangerous Academics in America, and … Continue reading "The Art of the Slur"