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Blogging America: The New Public Sphere

Praeger has sent me the cover art for my next book, due out in December. Right now, I am in the midst of writing it, producing what I hope will be the natural… Continue reading

The Rise of the Blogosphere

My latest book, The Rise of the Blogosphere: American Backgrounds is now available. A couple of years ago, on re-reading parts of Alexis de Toqueville’s Democracy in America, I was shocked by the… Continue reading

Memories of Appalachia

In reaction to the recent renewal of disparaging remarks about Appalachian culture (some nearly calling the “Scots-Irish” the basis for all that’s wrong with this country) by way too many people (including the… Continue reading

Self Censoring or Common Decency?

A bit more than thirty years ago, I spent a little time as a reporter for a small daily in Rhode Island. Most of what I did involved school committees and village councils… Continue reading

Troop Buildup: An Analogy and a Rant

Among my other activities, I am a business owner. I’ve a store/gallery in Brooklyn, New York. It doesn’t make much money (not since the blows of the dot-com bust and then 9/11), but… Continue reading

"The Art of the Slur"

My article “The Art of the Slur: From Joe McCarthy to David Horowitz” has come out in the Fall 2006 edition of The Public Eye. It is also available online. In a callous… Continue reading