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Discussion in a Faculty Office, Part II

It has been almost five years since I’ve written about Sam Stamper, the young Assistant Professor who was taken to task by one of the most senior full professors in his department following… Continue reading

The Return of the Public Intellectual?

One of the biggest frustrations for me, as a scholar, is continual denigration (by certain academics) of my work as addressing only a “general audience.” I can’t be a “real” intellectual, you see,… Continue reading

Remodeling Academic Journals

As David Gosser’s comment on my post yesterday indicates, there are already a number of possibilities online that can be used by and for new types of academic journals–and people are taking advantage… Continue reading

Why Keep Academic Journals As They Have Been?

Over the past decade, newspapers have learned that they need to change to survive. The deaths of papers all over the United States made that quite apparent, and the journalism industry, though hating… Continue reading

Boycott Elsevier? Yes, But the Real Solution Lies Elsewhere

One does not become an academic to get rich. Even the most successful, those who end up owning a patent or writing a best-selling book, earn paltry amounts when set against any real… Continue reading

The Myth of Peer Review–And Helping Make Academic Gatekeeping Work in Digital Environments

Peer review has long been something of an unexamined black box. Something is peer reviewed? We accept that it has been checked and re-checked, examined and tested. Just look at the way it… Continue reading

The Bearable Light of Openness: Renovating Obsolete Peer-Review Bottlenecks

This is a talk I gave at the Modern Language Association annual conference in Seattle 1/5/2012: When I was opening my café in the early nineties, I redid the plumbing for the entire… Continue reading

Field of Dreams: Academic Edition

One of the impacts of the digital revolution should be the breaking down of barriers even in academia, making it more and more possible for scholars to move out beyond their specialties, to… Continue reading

Academic Commons [Updated]

Via Blogging Brande, I discovered Nick Montfort’s post on Grand Text Auto concerning open access and academic journals. Let me start with a sober and analytic reaction: “Yippee!” That out of the way,… Continue reading

An Old Plaint, Renewed

There’s a real lack of professionalism alive in our academic departments, an atittude that cares more for the nicety of bureaucracy and its rewards than for our academic goals. So? What’s so startling… Continue reading