Field of Dreams: Academic Edition

One of the impacts of the digital revolution should be the breaking down of barriers even in academia, making it more and more possible for scholars to move out beyond their specialties, to collaborate, and to bring into their own concentrations work by others that might, at first, seem far removed from one's own area … Continue reading Field of Dreams: Academic Edition

Academic Commons [Updated]

Via Blogging Brande, I discovered Nick Montfort’s post on Grand Text Auto concerning open access and academic journals.Let me start with a sober and analytic reaction: “Yippee!”That out of the way, the battle between those of us who believe that the “commons” benefits everyone (in part, through what I call “the Grateful Dead effect,” from … Continue reading Academic Commons [Updated]

An Old Plaint, Renewed

There's a real lack of professionalism alive in our academic departments, an atittude that cares more for the nicety of bureaucracy and its rewards than for our academic goals.So?What's so startling about that?Nothing.But that doesn't mean it shouldn't be fought, or that it doesn't deserve the pointing out.Two of the problem areas, release time and … Continue reading An Old Plaint, Renewed

“Discussion” in a Faculty Office

Fiction? Yes. But….Full Professor Irma Fayles has been teaching at the inner-city institution since its days as a community college a quarter of a century ago. Never having published a book, let alone an article, she became a full professor at a time when the college had not re-envisioned itself as a four-year school with … Continue reading “Discussion” in a Faculty Office