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When Did "Worker" Become a Dirty Word?

And when did “protest” and “demonstration” become the equal of “coercion”? In Michigan, the proposed appropriations bill for state colleges and universities includes this sub-section: Sec. 273a. It is the intent of the… Continue reading

Academic Audiences

Just who should we–academics, that is–be talking to? Be writing for? Sometimes, admittedly, our conversations assume a great deal of background. Sometimes, that’s even necessary. In too many of these cases, however, that… Continue reading

Why Keep Academic Journals As They Have Been?

Over the past decade, newspapers have learned that they need to change to survive. The deaths of papers all over the United States made that quite apparent, and the journalism industry, though hating… Continue reading

The Public Intellectual

Writing in the New York Times today, Michael Bérubé, professor at Penn State and once perhaps the preeminent academic blogger in the country (he has since turned to other activities), addresses the child… Continue reading

Tony Kushner, Honorary Degrees, and CUNY

Writing in The Times, Stanley Fish concludes about the flap over the Trustees of the City University of New York’s refusal to confirm the decision of John Jay College to give playwright Tony Kushner… Continue reading

The Professors and Public Policy

One of the best known “historians” in the United States is a fellow named David Barton.  His describes him: His exhaustive research has rendered him an expert in historical and constitutional issues and… Continue reading

Can We Educate Ourselves to Educate?

David Horowitz rails against the ‘indoctrination’ of American students by radical leftist professors. He isn’t the only one—it’s quite common to hear how universities are subverting the beliefs of youth. Problem is, it… Continue reading

The Battle of Olustee

One thing that always interests me is people who argue based on the weight of their experience yet who don’t have the courage to admit who they are. Someone using the name “olustee”… Continue reading

Academic Freedom and Yoo

[Crossposted from Free Exchange on Campus] My grandfather stopped working as a defense attorney when he realized he could not provide adequate defense for people he knew were guilty. The bastards, he deeply… Continue reading

Mangling the Truth

[Cross-posted from Free Exchange on Campus.] One of the greatest insults to the American system of governance, a system based on open discussion and debate, is the deliberate lie. Yet the lie has… Continue reading