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The Authoritarian, Horowitz

[Cross-posted from Free Exchange on Campus] One thing about accusations of lying: They are an excellent way of diverting attention from what had been the issue at hand. Add a little outrage at… Continue reading

Classroom Rights and Responsibilities

[Cross-posted from Free Exchange on Campus] Way back in the 1970s, I heard an ad on the radio that got me so annoyed that I still remember it. The tag line was, “Your… Continue reading

Academic Self-Evaluation

In my last post, I created a fiction to make a number of points about teaching and attitudes within academia. To me, one point stands out: the pressure to conform remains strong on… Continue reading

Covering Old Ground

[Originally published on the Free Exchange on Campus blog.] As a new academic year is starting this week, I’d like to renew discussion that, while old hat to some, may be as yet… Continue reading

Which Is More Important: Teaching or Politics?

It’s galling to (1) find oneself quoted positively in a story posted on David Horowitz’s propaganda site (though they now seem to have taken the story down: It can still be found at… Continue reading

Academic Freedom: A First Amendment Right?

Can academic freedom be understood as part of the rights enunciated by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution? Making it so is attractive; without a firm basis in law, academic freedom… Continue reading

David Horowitz Melts Down

On his FrontPage Magazine today, David Horowitz begins an article entitled “Intellectual Muggings” with this: George Orwell began one of the most famous essays in the English language with this observation: “In Moulmein,… Continue reading

Faculty Rights and Responsibilities: Academic Freedom in a Changing Cultural Climate

What follows is the first of three lectures I delivered last week as part of the 2007 Anderson Conference at Portland Community College in Oregon Though even solid principles must sometimes change to… Continue reading

On a Proposed CUNY Student Complaint Procedure

Next Monday, the Board of Trustees of the City University of New York will consider a proposed new “Student Complaint Procedure.” I’ll be at the meeting, for I think this “innocent” little addition… Continue reading

On Conservative Student Writers

(Thanks to Free Exchange on Campus for pointing out the Campus Magazine piece.) In an article entitled “Liberal Faculty: A Debate,” two Vanderbilt University students, Douglas Kurdziel and Luke Bidikov, offer slightly divergent… Continue reading