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Avant-Garde, Kitsch, the Two Cultures, and Academic Publishing

Over the past few days, I’ve been trying to gather a few thoughts on the inferiority complex many of us in the humanities feel when forced to look upon the sciences. For a… Continue reading

Academic Audiences

Just who should we–academics, that is–be talking to? Be writing for? Sometimes, admittedly, our conversations assume a great deal of background. Sometimes, that’s even necessary. In too many of these cases, however, that… Continue reading

Remodeling Academic Journals

As David Gosser’s comment on my post yesterday indicates, there are already a number of possibilities online that can be used by and for new types of academic journals–and people are taking advantage… Continue reading

Why Keep Academic Journals As They Have Been?

Over the past decade, newspapers have learned that they need to change to survive. The deaths of papers all over the United States made that quite apparent, and the journalism industry, though hating… Continue reading

Education of a Scientist

Taking Control: More Reasons for the Elsevier Boycott

I have established a Facebook page, “Boycott Elsevier,” for aggregating information relevant to the boycott. The anonymous blogger at The Real Fake Elsevier: Non-Fake Thoughts on the Elsevier Boycott makes the point at… Continue reading