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Beloved Country: A Memory

As I recall it, 1964 began with a phone call.  Perhaps it was New Year’s Eve; I was looking after my younger brothers, my parents being out.  On the line was Bob Barrus,… Continue reading

Lost Paradise, Now Lindytown: Appalachia Fades to Black

When I heard John Prine’s first album, way back in 1971, I was particularly struck by the song “Paradise.”  As a child of migration out of Appalachia, I understood the nostalgia: When I… Continue reading

Exploding the Monolith: The Value of Teaching Appalachian Literature in Inner-City Environments

The following is a paper I will be presenting at the Appalachian Studies Association Annual Conference at Shawnee State University in Portsmouth, Ohio on Friday, March 27. There are, of course, similarities between… Continue reading

Appalachia On My Mind

“If it weren’t for Appalachians, this would be a perfect country.” That’s what I seem to be hearing, these days, from many of my progressive fellow travelers. They point to a map in… Continue reading

What Has Smiley Brought Forth?

Scholar of Appalachian culture Rodger Cunningham (author of Apples on the Flood: Minority Discourse and Appalachia), forwarded to me a link to a post on the blog “Hillbilly Savants,” another response to Jane… Continue reading

Memories of Appalachia

In reaction to the recent renewal of disparaging remarks about Appalachian culture (some nearly calling the “Scots-Irish” the basis for all that’s wrong with this country) by way too many people (including the… Continue reading