Just a Couple of Quibbles

With the current popularity of Ayn Rand, it becomes worth taking a look at her again--even by those of us who find her beliefs rancid. Normally, I don't need to taste old butter to know that it is bad... the smell is enough. The same is true with Rand. Yet so many people are gorging … Continue reading Just a Couple of Quibbles

The Naivete of Objectivism

When I left Munich at the end of July, 1968, I was already in the midst of one of the roughest periods of my life. Societal violence was at a peak, not only back home in the US, but there in Europe and, of course, over in Vietnam. The war attracted daily attention, but assassinations … Continue reading The Naivete of Objectivism

No More Teachers?

At the start of "Good-bye, Teacher... " Fred Keller quotes one version of that old doggerel:Good-bye scholars, good-bye school;Good-bye teacher, darned old fool!I learned it as:Good-bye pencils, good-bye books;Good-bye teachers' dirty looks.It doesn't matter; the point's the same.  We were glad to get rid of teachers, for the summer, at least.We hated them.  Or, at … Continue reading No More Teachers?

Inside the Net

For a quarter of a century, I generally traveled rough. Not at the level of the homeless, but close enough to share, occasionally, their sleeping places, their means of getting about, their ways of finding food. Generally, when moving about, I was below the safety net—and did suffer its lack. Police were not friends to … Continue reading Inside the Net