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Just a Couple of Quibbles

With the current popularity of Ayn Rand, it becomes worth taking a look at her again–even by those of us who find her beliefs rancid. Normally, I don’t need to taste old butter… Continue reading

The Naivete of Objectivism

When I left Munich at the end of July, 1968, I was already in the midst of one of the roughest periods of my life. Societal violence was at a peak, not only… Continue reading

Rugged Individualism

My father liked to tell the story of a series of talks given at Denison University in the 1950s by members of the Ohio Self-Made Millionaires Club (or some such name). ┬áThe students… Continue reading

No More Teachers?

At the start of “Good-bye, Teacher… “ Fred Keller quotes one version of that old doggerel: Good-bye scholars, good-bye school;Good-bye teacher, darned old fool! I learned it as: Good-bye pencils, good-bye books;Good-bye teachers’… Continue reading

Inside the Net

For a quarter of a century, I generally traveled rough. Not at the level of the homeless, but close enough to share, occasionally, their sleeping places, their means of getting about, their ways… Continue reading