The Waltosphere

The Waltosphere: Walt Whitman's Preface to The BlogosphereCrafted by Annie Seaton and Aaron BarlowDigital America does not repel the past or what it has produced under its forms or amid other politics or the idea of castes or the old religions . . . . accepts the lesson with calmness . . . is not … Continue reading The Waltosphere

Blogging America: The New Public Sphere

Praeger has sent me the cover art for my next book, due out in December. Right now, I am in the midst of writing it, producing what I hope will be the natural companion to The Rise of the Blogosphere: American Backgrounds, which appeared last month (and can be ordered here).Chapter One will be an … Continue reading Blogging America: The New Public Sphere

The Rise of the Blogosphere

My latest book, The Rise of the Blogosphere: American Backgrounds is now available. A couple of years ago, on re-reading parts of Alexis de Toqueville’s Democracy in America, I was shocked by the similarity between his depiction of the press in America around 1830 and contemporary descriptions of the blogs. A little exploration showed me … Continue reading The Rise of the Blogosphere