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The Two Brooklyns

Or three. Or four. Whatever. When my parents moved to Brooklyn in 1970, I was in college. My experience of the borough had come through visits to my aunt and uncle, who lived… Continue reading

Flatbush and Lefferts, About 1980

I took this of my old neighborhood, some 30 years ago.

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah

My block in Marine Park, Brooklyn consists of 52 nearly identical houses.  48 are semi-attached, shared driveways between the pairs.  At each end, facing each other, are the others, stand-alones just slightly narrower… Continue reading

Arriving in Brooklyn

On Veterans’ Day, BLDG 92, the historical museum of the Brooklyn Navy Yard opened.  I haven’t been there yet, but was reminded of one of the letters my great-grandmother saved that my grandfather… Continue reading

Poetry on the Plaza, Brooklyn, NY

"It’s a Beautiful Day in This Neighborhood"

A few mornings ago, my wife and I took our dogs for a romp in Marine Park near our home in Brooklyn.  Another dog owner told us there had been a shooting over… Continue reading

A Brooklyn Tale

We watched A Bronx Tale on TV last night.  It made me remember something that happened about fifteen years ago and the tale I learned as back-story. My cafe and store, Shakespeare’s Sister,… Continue reading

Maple Street

This is my street. Down the other end of the block, admittedly, and from the other side… and perhaps more than a few years before I arrived. But my street, nonetheless. Or, I… Continue reading

Seeding on Top of the Unseen

There’s an article in today’s The New York Times that has me seeing red. It’s entitled “Restless Pioneers, Seeding Brooklyn” and was written by Donald G. McNeil, Jr. Now, before I get to… Continue reading

Brooklyn, a Bridge, and the Other Side

Friday, I went down to watch the fireworks. Sat on a stone retaining wall in the new park to the east of the Brooklyn Bridge. The crowd included Japanese holding balloons from the… Continue reading