A Loosing Battle

OK, all of us create typos, misplace punctuation (or omit it), and spell certain works idiosyncratically. Let's face it: the "rules" of English do little to assist us and much to maintain confusion. Still, we shouldn't abet the loss of specificity and function (let alone meaning) of written English. Especially not if we work for … Continue reading A Loosing Battle

Jumping Into Process from a Dead Stop

Below is a talk I presented as part of a panel at the 2007 annual Computers and Writing conference help at Wayne State University from the 17th to the 20th of May. I posted another talk last Sunday on this very blog. The third? You’ll have to wait for publication of my book Blogging America: … Continue reading Jumping Into Process from a Dead Stop

The Place Where We Dwell

For the last few days, I’ve been attending the 2007 Computers and Writing conference, held this year at Wayne State University in Detroit. The theme was “virtual urbanism,” a phrase taken from a Geoffrey Sirc article in Computers and Composition in 2001. For a panel called The Place Where We Dwell, I presented the following:Virtual … Continue reading The Place Where We Dwell

Professionals and the Public Sphere

Last month, I attended (for the first time) the annual Computers & Writing conference that was held, this year, at Texas Technical University in Lubbock. The conference was extremely useful to me (not to mention, it was a lot of fun). The high points were too many to mention. Every panel I went to offered … Continue reading Professionals and the Public Sphere