Dialoguing CUNY Pathways… Or, at Least, Trying

This came to my email inbox yesterday (my responses are in italics and in green, in case anyone in the CUNY administration is listening). I wish that the CUNY administration really would open itself up to dialogue instead of providing questions of its own devising and providing answers crafted to its own questions. I would … Continue reading Dialoguing CUNY Pathways… Or, at Least, Trying

CUNY Pathways: "Reform & Rigor"?

Yesterday, a slick 8-1/2x11 brochure arrived, Pathways Ahead: Reform & Rigor. With lots of pictures, testimonials, and white space, it devotes little room to the details of its putative content--but it is worth responding to here, given the continuing controversy over the new CUNY Pathways initiative.The brochure was accompanied by a letter from Alexandra Logue, … Continue reading CUNY Pathways: "Reform & Rigor"?

Pathways to a Common Core

There is a great deal of controversy within the City University of New York over its "Pathways" initiative, an attempt to establish a system-wide flexible core of courses for students during their first two undergraduate years. Most of the controversy has to do with process--with how Pathways was conceived, structured, and introduced. Faculty see it … Continue reading Pathways to a Common Core