Pathways: What More Can One Say?

Statement to the CUNY Board of Trustees June 18/25 2012 A Path Forward Sandi Cooper, chair University Faculty Senate One year ago in June 2011 you chose to ignore a range of protests from CUNY faculty regarding the proposed Pathways resolution, dismissing the faculty comments either as foot dragging, self serving, time wasting or trivial. One example was … Continue reading Pathways: What More Can One Say?

Dialoguing CUNY Pathways… Or, at Least, Trying

This came to my email inbox yesterday (my responses are in italics and in green, in case anyone in the CUNY administration is listening). I wish that the CUNY administration really would open itself up to dialogue instead of providing questions of its own devising and providing answers crafted to its own questions. I would … Continue reading Dialoguing CUNY Pathways… Or, at Least, Trying

CUNY Pathways and Faculty Governance

Last Tuesday, the City Tech College Council, the faculty governance body for the college, passed the following resolution relating to CUNY Pathways (which I have blogged about here and here):We in United States colleges and universities have, for the most part, a century of successful tradition behind the concept of faculty governance in the area … Continue reading CUNY Pathways and Faculty Governance

Pathways to a Common Core

There is a great deal of controversy within the City University of New York over its "Pathways" initiative, an attempt to establish a system-wide flexible core of courses for students during their first two undergraduate years. Most of the controversy has to do with process--with how Pathways was conceived, structured, and introduced. Faculty see it … Continue reading Pathways to a Common Core

The Public Intellectual

Writing in the New York Times today, Michael Bérubé, professor at Penn State and once perhaps the preeminent academic blogger in the country (he has since turned to other activities), addresses the child rape scandal from the perspective of the faculty. In doing so, he faced a difficult task: as Paterno Family Professor of Literature, … Continue reading The Public Intellectual

On the Appropriateness of Topics for Impromptu Writing Exams

When I expressed, to a group of others teaching developmental writing within the CUNY system, the complaints I had heard from students about the topics they has been asked to write about on the CUNY Assessment Test in Writing (CATW), I got two responses.  One was that the prompt, concerning whether or not amateurs should … Continue reading On the Appropriateness of Topics for Impromptu Writing Exams

Oh, How We Justify! Oh, How We Turn Away!

Yesterday, in partnership with Learning Specialist AE Dreyfuss, I presented a paper at "The CUNY Conference on Best Practices in Reading/Writing Instruction."  We talked about a pilot project we are conducting using Fred Keller's Personalized System of Instruction and the Peer-Led Team Learning concept.  The other papers on our panel were quite interesting--and I learned … Continue reading Oh, How We Justify! Oh, How We Turn Away!