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Pathways: What More Can One Say?

Statement to the CUNY Board of Trustees June 18/25 2012  A Path Forward  Sandi Cooper, chair University Faculty Senate  One year ago in June 2011 you chose to ignore a range of protests… Continue reading

Dialoguing CUNY Pathways… Or, at Least, Trying

This came to my email inbox yesterday (my responses are in italics and in green, in case anyone in the CUNY administration is listening). I wish that the CUNY administration really would open… Continue reading

CUNY Pathways and Faculty Governance

Last Tuesday, the City Tech College Council, the faculty governance body for the college, passed the following resolution relating to CUNY Pathways (which I have blogged about here and here): We in United… Continue reading

Pathways to a Common Core

There is a great deal of controversy within the City University of New York over its “Pathways” initiative, an attempt to establish a system-wide flexible core of courses for students during their first… Continue reading

The Public Intellectual

Writing in the New York Times today, Michael Bérubé, professor at Penn State and once perhaps the preeminent academic blogger in the country (he has since turned to other activities), addresses the child… Continue reading

On the Appropriateness of Topics for Impromptu Writing Exams

When I expressed, to a group of others teaching developmental writing within the CUNY system, the complaints I had heard from students about the topics they has been asked to write about on… Continue reading

Oh, How We Justify! Oh, How We Turn Away!

Yesterday, in partnership with Learning Specialist AE Dreyfuss, I presented a paper at “The CUNY Conference on Best Practices in Reading/Writing Instruction.”  We talked about a pilot project we are conducting using Fred… Continue reading

Tony Kushner, Honorary Degrees, and CUNY

Writing in The Times, Stanley Fish concludes about the flap over the Trustees of the City University of New York’s refusal to confirm the decision of John Jay College to give playwright Tony Kushner… Continue reading

On a Proposed CUNY Student Complaint Procedure

Next Monday, the Board of Trustees of the City University of New York will consider a proposed new “Student Complaint Procedure.” I’ll be at the meeting, for I think this “innocent” little addition… Continue reading