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David Brooks: The Thin Man Who Went Over the Mountain

As every reader knows, getting inside the head of someone else, especially a real person, carried danger even for a skilled writer of fiction. Eudora Welty did it well in her 1963 short… Continue reading

Individualism in America

In The New York Times today, David Brooks writes: So the story I’d like to tell is this: Over the past half-century, society has become more individualistic. As it has become more individualistic,… Continue reading

The More Things Change, The More They Stay the Same?

In today’s New York Times, Stanley Fish writes about Andrew Delbanco’s new book College: What It Was, Is, and Should Be. As something of both a traditionalist and an innovator, I appreciate what… Continue reading

From the Voice of Experience?

Oh, I know, you don’t have to be able to do something–or to have done it–to comment upon it. But there is certainly value to experience. Those of us who are Returned Peace… Continue reading

When A Dollar’s Not a Dollar

Gail Collins tells David Brooks, “You’re famous for your sanity,” but famous with whom?  And for what examples of sanity?  OK, unlike that other conservative intellectual poseur, Newt Gingrich, Brooks is not cast… Continue reading

David Brooks’s Anosognosia

In his column today, David Brooks diagnoses Jared Lee Loughner: He appeared to have a poor sense of his own illness (part of a condition known as anosognosia). He had increasingly frequent run-ins… Continue reading

Look What They’ve Done to My Song, Ma

In one of those bits of serendipity that, when you examine them, really have more to do with a greater cohesion, David Brooks’ column today deals with American music—just the topic of discussion… Continue reading

Race: Still the Base in American Politics

The recent endorsement of Rudy Giuliani by Pat Robertson is called “unlikely” by some—but, and make no doubt about this, it is not. For all the talk of “family values,” “protecting America,” abortion,… Continue reading

David Brooks: “Blogger”

Almost a year ago, now, Nicholas Lemann wrote a piece in The New Yorker called “Amateur Hour: Journalism Without Journalists.” Though he was directing his words at bloggers, Lemann could have been talking… Continue reading

Something Is Happening (And They Don’t Know What It Is)

It’s nice that the commercial and professional news media are now honoring us bloggers as (collectively) a powerful new player on the political landscape. Though they also like to disparage us (“rabid lambs”… Continue reading