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Academic Blogging As a Career Move

It’s a bit difficult for me, who has only been a full-time academic for eight years, to give advice without blushing. But I have sat on my department’s Appointments Committee for three years,… Continue reading

Reed Elsevier: Making Corporations Responsible

On Thursday, Reed Elsevier dropped its involvement with the American Legislative Council (ALEC), probably in response to the outcry against corporate support for ALEC as ALEC-designed laws have been showing up more and… Continue reading

The Return of the Public Intellectual?

One of the biggest frustrations for me, as a scholar, is continual denigration (by certain academics) of my work as addressing only a “general audience.” I can’t be a “real” intellectual, you see,… Continue reading

“Objectivity” As a Barrier to Education: Teaching Intellectual Responsibility and the Role of the Citizen

Often, when people wonder if American higher education might follow the fate of journalism, falling victim to inability to adapt to new technological milieux, they are thinking in terms of money and its… Continue reading

Breitbart: Confusion Over Cause and Reasoning

Andrew Breitbart, who really is David Horowitz 2.0, connects his conversion from left to right with personalities and hypocrisy, not with reason or conviction–just like Horowitz 1.0.  Both of them found people on the… Continue reading

Attacking Education

In a blog post last month, Diane Ravitch introduced a list of reasons to be a little more hopeful about American public education than one might expect to be, given the concentrated and coordinated attack… Continue reading

But Why Do We Bash Teachers?

Dave Eggers and Ninive Clements Calegari, in an otherwise excellent op-ed in today’s New York Times, ignore one important question: Why do we, as Americans, so loathe our teachers? Eggers and Calegari are… Continue reading

The Professors and Public Policy

One of the best known “historians” in the United States is a fellow named David Barton.  His describes him: His exhaustive research has rendered him an expert in historical and constitutional issues and… Continue reading

Can We Educate Ourselves to Educate?

David Horowitz rails against the ‘indoctrination’ of American students by radical leftist professors. He isn’t the only one—it’s quite common to hear how universities are subverting the beliefs of youth. Problem is, it… Continue reading

Don’t Include Me in Your We, Stanley Fish

Stanley Fish has noticed that both David Horowitz and Ward Churchill (and Norman Finkelstein and Cornell West, among others) are conservatives when it comes to education. Well, yes. This has been one of… Continue reading