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Tales Told

[Crossposted from Free Exchange on Campus] Sometimes, when I think I have misread something, I don’t bother to check but move on, hoping what I perceived was what was written, knowing full well… Continue reading

The Battle of Olustee

One thing that always interests me is people who argue based on the weight of their experience yet who don’t have the courage to admit who they are. Someone using the name “olustee”… Continue reading

The Authoritarian, Horowitz

[Cross-posted from Free Exchange on Campus] One thing about accusations of lying: They are an excellent way of diverting attention from what had been the issue at hand. Add a little outrage at… Continue reading

Classroom Rights and Responsibilities

[Cross-posted from Free Exchange on Campus] Way back in the 1970s, I heard an ad on the radio that got me so annoyed that I still remember it. The tag line was, “Your… Continue reading

Invite a Conservative to Class Week

[Crossposted on Free Exchange on Campus] In a couple of weeks (starting October 22, I believe), the David Horowitz Freedom Center is sponsoring something called “Islamo Fascism Awareness Week,” something my Moslem students… Continue reading

Balancing Acts

[Crossposted from Free Exchange on Campus] Writing today for David Horowitz’s Front Page Magazine in an article on the Campus Watch organization, Daniel Pipes says: Campus Watch’s highest priority is to help stimulate… Continue reading

Covering Old Ground

[Originally published on the Free Exchange on Campus blog.] As a new academic year is starting this week, I’d like to renew discussion that, while old hat to some, may be as yet… Continue reading

The Marketplace of Ideas?

One of the best discussions of the role of the classroom that I have seen in quite some time appeared yesterday on the Free Exchange on Campus blog. Kurt Smith, a professor of… Continue reading

Which Is More Important: Teaching or Politics?

It’s galling to (1) find oneself quoted positively in a story posted on David Horowitz’s propaganda site (though they now seem to have taken the story down: It can still be found at… Continue reading

Last Thoughts on Ward Churchill?

Well, as expected, Ward Churchill was fired yesterday. I don’t know how I feel about it. Certainly, I have never been a supporter of his, but the whole brouhaha disturbs me greatly. Academia… Continue reading