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Badass Mark Naison and the Growing Conflict in American Education: A Book Review

One of the many carefully orchestrated myths of the corporate “reformers” who have hijacked American education this century is that opposition comes only from the Tea Party and from teachers union ‘dead enders.’… Continue reading

"They Are Different"

Cross-posted from the Academe blog: This morning, Diane Ravitch quotes from Mike Lofgren’s story in The American Conservative, “Revolt of the Rich.” She comments: What is so astonishing these days is that the super-rich…… Continue reading

Teaching… or Managing?

Again, Diane Ravitch has led me on a saddening path. She links to this post, by a young Teach for America (TFA) trainee. For me, the most disturbing part is not the post… Continue reading

Research: When Is Enough Enough?

This morning, a post from Diane Ravitch’s blog appeared in my mailbox. Titled “Accused of Sexism!,” it tells a story of how an assumption of provenance can lead in peculiar directions. Ravitch had… Continue reading

Biometric "Hysteria"?

Diane Ravitch may be adamant and forceful… but hysterical? In a post today, she refers to another, one by Gary Houchens, a professor of “Educational, Leadership, & Research” at Western Kentucky University. His… Continue reading

‘I Don’t Have Time for This Nonsense’

Via Diane Ravitch’s blog I’ve been learning more about the Gates Foundation desire to explore galvanic skin-response monitors as a classroom tool. Ravitch links to an article providing a hint of the rationale: Gates… Continue reading

Just What Are We Assessing? (Sigh)

High-stakes reading comprehension exams, at least one that I know of, for high-school students give line references pointing to the source for the correct answers to each question. It is possible to get… Continue reading

Sixteen Tons

Anyone with an Appalachian background understands the references in the old Merle Travis song (made popular by Tennessee Ernie Ford) “Sixteen Tons”: You load sixteen tons and what do you get?Another day older… Continue reading

Skinner, Freire… and Ravitch

In a speech last week, Diane Ravitch said: The philanthropists and Wall Street hedge fund managers and Republicans and the Obama administration and assorted rightwing billionaires have some ideas about how to change… Continue reading

Diane Ravitch: The Virtue of Admitting Error

In a speech last week, education expert Diane Ravitch (and not for the first time) did something that our politicians are scared to death of doing: She admitting that she can be, and… Continue reading