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"Students Love Technology"

Gotta love all this, from OnlineEducation (not that I know what it is going to prove to mean): Advertisements

"Oh, outcomes! Oh, here, oh, now, oh hell!" A Rant

In Ray Bradbury’s story “Usher II,” it’s ‘realism,’ not ‘outcomes.’ But the point remains the same: too often humans attempt to reduce existence to the physical, the countable. The imaginative, the flight of… Continue reading

Judging the Book

One of George Eliot’s epigraphs in Middlemarch concerns what Marshall McLuhan, almost a century later and in a totally different context, would capsulize as ‘the medium is the message’: 1st Gent. How class… Continue reading

Testing and the Wisdom of Crowds

The other day, I gave my Advanced Technical Writing students a quiz. One question: “Name three things you should do before starting any research project.” The answers weren’t in their text. I had… Continue reading

Technology and Education

For the past several weeks, I have been helping coordinate development of the English curriculum for a new public high school in Brooklyn.  Pathways in Technology Early College High School (P-Tech) will open… Continue reading

Attacking Education

In a blog post last month, Diane Ravitch introduced a list of reasons to be a little more hopeful about American public education than one might expect to be, given the concentrated and coordinated attack… Continue reading

A Little Ranting

What have we done? Today, intellectual exploration is reduced to a game of Trivial Pursuits. ‘Right’ answers are rewarded and ‘wrong’ ones are simply eliminated–at best, they are ignored, not explored.  Finding the… Continue reading

Trust, Education, and the Irony of the Tea Party

Andrew Milton, of the blog Speaking of Education, writes: law, contracts, lawyers and all have come to be the mechanism by which problems get solved. One result is that we more and more… Continue reading

No More Teachers?

At the start of “Good-bye, Teacher… “ Fred Keller quotes one version of that old doggerel: Good-bye scholars, good-bye school;Good-bye teacher, darned old fool! I learned it as: Good-bye pencils, good-bye books;Good-bye teachers’… Continue reading

Lying for Fun and Profit

What follows is the paper I presented last Friday at the Conference on College Composition and Communication in Atlanta as part of the panel “Reclaiming Our Spaces: Accessibility and the Public University.  The… Continue reading