"No Dog In This Fight"

When someone says:I had no dog in this fightLook out!  What they are saying is that they do (or did), but don't want to admit it.  Personally, I have never seen any claim of impartiality that proved true.  I know, that's a blanket statement, and I am sure instances could be dredged up where someone … Continue reading "No Dog In This Fight"

"Failing Public Schools"

One thing we, as a nation, need to get straight is that our public schools are not a failure, not now, nor have they ever been.  Yes, there are individual failing schools, and all schools could be improved, but the meme of "failed public education" is nonsense.  Especially so, if one looks a little at … Continue reading "Failing Public Schools"

"Oh, outcomes! Oh, here, oh, now, oh hell!" A Rant

In Ray Bradbury’s story “Usher II,” it’s ‘realism,’ not ‘outcomes.’ But the point remains the same: too often humans attempt to reduce existence to the physical, the countable. The imaginative, the flight of fancy, the speculative… these are dismissed as unproductive, as a waste of time. As useless.We’re doing that to education today. Not only … Continue reading "Oh, outcomes! Oh, here, oh, now, oh hell!" A Rant

Testing and the Wisdom of Crowds

The other day, I gave my Advanced Technical Writing students a quiz. One question: "Name three things you should do before starting any research project."The answers weren't in their text. I had not told them what these things should be in prior classes. In fact, the question had not come up--which is one reason I … Continue reading Testing and the Wisdom of Crowds

Technology and Education

For the past several weeks, I have been helping coordinate development of the English curriculum for a new public high school in Brooklyn.  Pathways in Technology Early College High School (P-Tech) will open in September with cooperation between New York City College of Technology (City Tech--where I teach), the New York City Board of Education … Continue reading Technology and Education