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Boycott Elsevier? Yes, But the Real Solution Lies Elsewhere

One does not become an academic to get rich. Even the most successful, those who end up owning a patent or writing a best-selling book, earn paltry amounts when set against any real… Continue reading

Taking Control: More Reasons for the Elsevier Boycott

I have established a Facebook page, “Boycott Elsevier,” for aggregating information relevant to the boycott. The anonymous blogger at The Real Fake Elsevier: Non-Fake Thoughts on the Elsevier Boycott makes the point at… Continue reading

Elsevier Boycott Makes "On the Media"

This week’s edition of the NPR show “On the Media” included a piece on the Elsevier boycott, which I have also written about and which I support. The idea that a commercial enterprise… Continue reading

"The Cost of Knowledge"

An extremely interesting statement on the backgrounds leading to the¬†boycott of Elsevier, a major publisher of academic journals based in The Netherlands, has appeared. It is signed by 34 mathematicians; I found it… Continue reading