So, How DO You Measure Writing?

We've all sorts of standardized writing tests and all sorts of grading rubrics.  Also, classroom teachers grade their assignments in myriad ways, further complicating any survey of what it means to grade a piece of writing.  Test administrators put that aside: they know that there is little consistency of "standards" in the classroom (in the … Continue reading So, How DO You Measure Writing?

Here We Go Again!

What's this fascination we've got with teachers? Why do we concentrate on them so much, when we talk about education, and on rating them, and so little on learning?There's an article in today's The New York Times about claims that education will actually get better if we have more evaluation of teachers. That, by itself, … Continue reading Here We Go Again!

“Discussion” in a Faculty Office

Fiction? Yes. But….Full Professor Irma Fayles has been teaching at the inner-city institution since its days as a community college a quarter of a century ago. Never having published a book, let alone an article, she became a full professor at a time when the college had not re-envisioned itself as a four-year school with … Continue reading “Discussion” in a Faculty Office