Discussion in a Faculty Office, Part II

It has been almost five years since I’ve written about Sam Stamper, the young Assistant Professor who was taken to task by one of the most senior full professors in his department following a classroom observation. We left Stamper as he ran off to teach.After class, he contacted his union representative and filed a grievance … Continue reading Discussion in a Faculty Office, Part II

Chapter Thirty-Nine: Beginning

Chapter Thirty-Eight can be found here.As he got out of the taxi and walked over to where the driver had told him he could find a bus to Ghana, Paul wondered just why it was he suddenly felt such a sense of loss, felt that something was wrong, that he, somehow, had made a mistake … Continue reading Chapter Thirty-Nine: Beginning

Chapter Thirty-Seven: Gaining

Chapter Thirty-Six can be found here.As dawn came, urban, almost European Abidjan rose ahead of them, showing off its multi-story buildings, highways, modern stores, banks, and hotels. So distinct from Bobo, or Ouahigouya, or Mopti, all essentially still African cities. Paul, still half drunk and completely exhausted, and having slept for a couple of hours, … Continue reading Chapter Thirty-Seven: Gaining

Chapter Thirty-Two: Building

Chapter Thirty-One can be found here.The AfroProg administrator shrugged.  “You’ll have to work with what you can find.  But you should be good at that, after Peace Corps.  You shouldn’t need anyone to hold your hand.”  His expression softened.  “Look, a reforestation after-project was written into the initial grant.  Unfortunately, after your salary, and a … Continue reading Chapter Thirty-Two: Building