Everybody’s Right

An accelerant doesn't cause a fire--but it can sure make it burn.  But even a lot of it, as anyone who has tried to start damp charcoal with lighter fluid, might not be enough.  On the other hand, when conditions are right, a small amount might be a sufficient catalyst for a massive blaze.Frank Rich … Continue reading Everybody’s Right

Things We Have All Known

Three things, this week—a television show, a newspaper article, and a book—have brought home to me once again just how appalling the U.S. failure in Iraq has been, how duplicitous, how poorly planned, and how ignorant. Incredibly, there are still those who support U.S. presence in Iraq, even going so far as to argue the … Continue reading Things We Have All Known

David Brooks: “Blogger”

Almost a year ago, now, Nicholas Lemann wrote a piece in The New Yorker called “Amateur Hour: Journalism Without Journalists.”Though he was directing his words at bloggers, Lemann could have been talking about David Brooks.In his last two columns, Brooks has sounded more like the stereotype of a blogger than even the most narcissistic and … Continue reading David Brooks: “Blogger”